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The problem with addiction to drugs in particular is that all of life’s magic slowly fades away with their incessant and compulsively obsessive consumption. Smells become less noticable, food in the air lacks in enticement, meals lack in intimacy, conversations barely evoke emotion and the beauty that touches us in our normal every day life goes unseen as the day progresses under a veil of foreign emotions. The euphoric buzz zaps you of your rawness and authenticity, the primal instinct that drives you to get any where and make achievements is directed solely to that substance as the euphoria it envokes is stronger than the feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment that arise at the successfull completion of a challenging task. As time progresses you lose the drive to complete tasks and lack the desire to truly even want to achieve anything. The natural reward system in the brain has been altered to the degree that any form of euphoric fulfilment must come from that substance that releases so many god damn endorphins all the time. The blinder you are to this simple truth, the basic chemistry of the matter; the deeper the pit of despair you dig for yourself. It is hard (and dangerous) to stop something when doing so leads to depression. Therefore it is important to get a grip of yourself, knowing and understanding your own mind and seeing the chain of thoughts that lead to your emotions is imperative in your overall ability to ride out the darkest of moments. The more hellish moments you overcome, the better you get at it and the easier it eventually becomes, on the other hand the more you hide in the darkness avoiding the hard times, the darker it gets.