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Stuck in the wrong lane,
I’m indicating right but they won’t seem to let me out,
This lifestyle is all wrong its not what I’m about i just got in to have some fun but now i straight up can’t get out. Fall down 4 times get up 5 I break the cycle for a week only to meet defeat its a wonder I’m still alive within tainted ill mindstate, the scene is a circus and the clowns are clouding my judgement. I’m filling the void within with junk and feeling zero fulfillment avoiding a reality i do not want to come to terms with, I need so many different people to distract me from the emptiness within but befriending fiends just leaves you tired and fried – high and dry time and time again.
Evade normality all you want but you only suffer in the end seriously getting high just feels like a mixture of purposely pissing away my purpose and wishing away my future time and time again I just wind up feeling worthless. I dont want to get tied up with pointless loose ends and live life like some kind tangled up mess this isn’t me it’s not who I set out to be – the time has come to untie this stubborn knot and fucking break free