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Something I’ve realised of late is that I find it easier to relate, and be myself around those who ask questions; rather than overwhelm me with all of their answers. We could have all the same interests but it some how destroys the spark in a condescending sense when you sit there telling me thing after thing I’ve spent much of my days researching. But you wouldn’t have a clue, you wouldn’t know half of the shit that I’ve gone and been through. And that’s cool its just a shame, that you ain’t around to pick my brain cause I was down to learn you until you gave me all your answers.
It’s no love lost through these encounters, just the spark that is meant to illuminate the dark and allure all things sacred has been stamped out; wasted.
If we saw every encounter as an opportunity to grow, granted an encounter only holds the significance we allow it; we wouldn’t take another person’s presence for granted. If we remembered to keep in mind that everyone we meet knows something we don’t, perhaps then we would ask more questions and offer answers when asked.