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Thoughts once quoted by another read: “So which way shall I go? Right, where nothing’s left? Or left, where nothing’s right?”
Life has a tendancy of presenting one with numerous different paths to take, often all at once, ultimately leaving us with a choice to make. Choice can create change, or it can keep us comfortable. With the various opportunities staring you in the face how do you decide which ones you waste?
You must know your goal, your hearts desire in order to find the fuel for your fire. You need to know what you want and yern for the most, in order to be aware of which opportunity you cannot allow to go to waste when it finally presents itself. For if you do not know, the opportunity of your life time could arise simultaneously with many other “choices” and go completely unnoticed until you realise the biggest mistake of your life was not paying attention to what it was that made your heart beat…