I am trying to determine when somebody classifies themselves as lost, what is it that makes them lost? When we feel lost is it because we have lost our way? Is it because a belief, “our” belief has failed us? Is it because the way we were living was altered in a drastic manner, was a major belief that we allowed to lead our way somehow faltered and therefore made obsolete? 

Are we lost if we are searching? Does that feeling that seems apparent when one classifies oneself as lost, only arise in the act of seeking? When one is seeking that the way be lead? Or perhaps we get lost searching outwards for answers to questions that can only be answered by looking inwards? If taking on each moment anew, should there be anything with which we are truly familiar; or comfortable enough with that its absence shakes the very foundation of our lives, making us feel out of place and ultimately lost without it? 

Nothing is permanent.