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I’ve got negative thoughts that I’m not quiet sure I should let out ironically the idealistic practice of seeing good in that which we initially interpret to be bad; entraining oneself to always transform a negative to positive seems to have my mind confused and feeling bent out of whack in fact so much so that I can barely think straight let alone pour my drinks straight so of course they then can mix in with my thoughts till I’m drowning in remorse from the  tears of the years that I cannot get back I need to vent lent my body out just to make another cent and I’m spent domesticated slavery got us all stuck in cement control of the masses through money food and gasses oil prices and interest rates the petrol stations and big banks corperations and cash inflations gold then plants the seed of greed many of us too short sighted to see that the greed is a weed leaving us blind to our needs, chasing superficial desires believing we need what we want a deed that leaves lives in tatters too many matters stem from that single evil factor people caught sinker line and hook it’s impact I can’t seem to overlook