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I’ve literally learnt more about life over the past 8 months than I did over the last 8 years. I could sit here saying “why me” if I didn’t hold myself accountable for my actions. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction and it is my actions that have created my unimaginable reality. People say that life is too short for regret; I disagree. Though regret is self destructive, you have the choice to make it constructive. A regret with reason should never be disregarded, just because something can’t be changed doesn’t mean it can’t create change. A regret itself would be non existent if it didn’t create events or thoughts or change that is undesired. When the effect of the cause is unexpected, we neglect to acknowledge ourselves as accountable. The inevitable reaction to our action, can’t always be forseen; bad or good it is equally opposing. An unmistakable truth I have discovered about life itself is it must equal out. Equalibrium. Life is non-existent without death. As is white without black, and tall without small; you can’t have good without bad otherwise it just would not be.