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Sometimes I write my thoughts, so this is me just thinking out loud nothing more or less.

It is very important I think to know how greatly the things we experience are impacted by our attitude towards them. You could experience the most dreadful of events yet truly blossom from them by maintaining the right attitude and perspective. I think that is the very key to a happy existence. Whatever may come your way, however tragic, strength is not succumbing to the sadness, as we know however painful the sadness may be to experience that succumbing to it, allowing yourself to be engulfed and swallowed up by it is easier than overcoming it. Often the more intense the pain the more courage it takes to muster the strength necessary to overcome it… I have personally been experiencing a great pain for some time, psychologically I blocked it out and covered it up for fear of facing something I doubted I had the strength to ever overcome. Now although I felt this to be easier than facing the pain head on it was cowardly, and ultimately has left me trying to carry on living life with layers of my subconscious drenched in sadness. This is now a weight too great to bear and it has become apparent to me that there is no where we can hide when encountering pain, there is no easy way to go about blossoming. Growth and beauty of the spirit take true strength and courage to aquire. The amount of growth I think one experiences with relation to tragic events and times of hardship depends majorly on the perspective that the individual adopts toward the event. Whatever the experience, our perspective of it dictates whether or not we enable or disable our chance at personal growth. A tragic, heart wrenching event can empower us as much as it can devour us, the thing to remember here is that the choice is always ours.