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After what feels like an eon of being lost to complete and utter confusion, my mind feels as though it has finally found a sense of calmness amidst this chaotic storm of change. The constant whooshing of my mind going 100 miles per hour constantly trying to make sense of my surroundings has ceased and I can see, now, that my surroundings were not around me to be made sense of. Clarity is apparent. I have held the answers I’ve been searching tirelessly for all along. Even answers to the problems I once deemed unsolvable, no problem is unsolvable once we realise the problem only exists because we ourselves have given it life. We are the very creators of our most terrifying and perplexing issues, the size of the problems we often find ourselves faced with depends on the amount of fear we invest in it. I’ve come to realise that the confusion I felt engulfed by was an inner conflict with myself, the confusion was “fed” not only with fear but with my very awareness of it. My paying attention to its apparent presence intensified its existence. The result was every aspect, every relationship I had in this world (with people, animals, things, nature) became too complex to bear. The various factors that I had to constantly take into consideration with my surroundings mentally exhausted me; and ultimately the solution could only be simple. To let go. Let go of all the various attachments, dependencies, desires and anything else I had to have a firm grip on. I now know that the trick is to release all expectation as we can’t expect a particular outcome for any given moment when every moment is born anew.