The memories are addictive and to say that I am hooked would be an understatement when I spend my days on a constant hunt for that nostalgia like a fiend chasing the red dragon; a predator, preying on my fix that daily dose of nostalgic bliss I will not pray to a god that from what I’ve seen does not exist. These days are spent replaying re-runs in my head, in the back of my mind and I don’t mind how many times the clock winds I will fight to get it right even if I lose all sight of this reality I will turn the conversations we had into hallucinations so for as long as I have my own form of ‘rewind’ I’ll be fine it’s not a habit that requires rehab to fix, rewiring my brain for the mean time has somehow kept me sane though in the long run it’s likely to send me loco but my sanity today, is just a small price to pay